I read something the other day on Facebook which stirred me into response. It always saddens me when some want to dilute the Bible's teachings or put aside its full authority for the sake of, what I hear termed 'free thinking'. They speak of being liberated, unshackled from conformity or institution. They see themselves upon a journey of discovery, of open vistas leading to who knows where. Yet I see in that perceived freedom a new set of chains which when pulled taut allow for a journey but on a path of shifting sands going forever in circles. A path starting with a question leading back to the same question and never really reaching an answer. We live in an age where biblical answers are equated with absolutes and absolute is a dirty word. No one can possibly have an absolute answer but I would say that God does and it's not whispered here or there or to who knows who but spoken clearly through his Word. The question involves life, reality and destination to which Jesus is the answer to all three. Did he not say that he is the only route to life, to reality and destination? He always gave a straight answer to his followers. It was to those with evil intention or stupid questions who never got the answer they expected.

Just as God accommodated himself into humanity in Jesus, so he has also said what he wants to tell us in his Word. The Bible is the culmination of God revealing his thoughts through the words of people writing and recording and preserving, so that in these last days we have a witness to God's mind  as he has interacted in the history of a people to bring to fulfilment his plan of salvation through Jesus the Messiah. The Bible is not just an historical book but an eternal record of his promise to overcome evil with love and to gather to himself a people changed in mind and heart.

It's funny really because the article claims to be both provocative and frustrating. I guess it did provoke something in me - sadness,  that biblical faith can become so feeble in some. And it is certainly frustrating when the teachings of the Bible are ignored as mere opinion, a belief system or mind-set. Opinions are not the problem, we all have opinions. It is what we base our opinions upon and how informed they are which matter. To challenge a belief system or mindset with evidence is good but not with empty comments. If 'thus saith the Lord' is really what the Lord is saying in his Word, then our journey really should be dictated by that maxim and not by an opinion becoming the final word.

To take the Bible seriously as the Word of God makes someone a fundamentalist. Oh dear, another dirty word, now with a wide meaning from a Muslim suicide bomber to a really stupid person who believes something because...  But a fundamental view is a foundational view. One that goes to root and source and builds up from there. And as Jesus said, foundations are important. If the foundation is not sound everything built upon it falls down.