I have been thinking about things said on a blog I follow called Out of the Shadows by ex-pastor Paul Leader. I have watched with sadness as Paul has moved further and further away from biblical faith in Christ to a position where the Bible is now just story, a story by people and not the inspired word of God. I made comments on his Facebook link about the latest blog on Christian reactions to Noah. I was unfriended and blocked and I sort of guessed it would come sooner rather than later. Here's my comment:

"I tell you what gets me up in arms is an over generalisation about what Christians do or think. I do get a bit peeved with this portrait which is being painted. Questions are asked all the time but I am drawn back to Jesus in and through the Bible. I have seen the Last Temptation of Christ and other 'controversial' films. I have read The Da Vinci Code et al. both as fiction but also asking questions (as I have done when reading Crichton, King, Cussler, Coontz and many other fiction writers) about the intent of the book's author or director in the case of a film. It is also true that films about Jesus follow a certain agenda depending upon the makers and most Jesus films are a bit cringe worthy.

I have seen Noah so I am not making presumptions but observations. Of course it's fiction and the theme is environmental, the creator seems to be Gaia or Mother Earth. Noah is an environmentalist and man is the pollution. The Pollution is washed away but a stain remains much to the annoyance of Noah. The message: Earth and its creatures would be better off without humanity.

I have not seen much of the heavy handedness you accuse church leaders of and in fact I wouldn't tolerate it, just as was the case when you were my pastor.  I left and went elsewhere after remonstration and letters had no effect.

What exactly are these questions Christians are not allowed to ask? You've posed many on your blog and I along with others have addressed them without much of a redress from you. You ask questions about biblical authenticity yet you ostensibly lack the tools to make a clear analysis. You criticise organised fellowship and only offer open ended unguided or more appropriately, misguided journeys through a wasteland of multiple maps leading nowhere.

You're nursing rage? Stinking attitudes? Hypocrites? Easter bunnies? Santa? Blasphemy? You have a penchant for hyperbole and caricature. Your reasoning for the final question is flawed. To be biblical is to refer to the Bible and its contents not the assemblage of the canon of Scripture. Your following arguments betray an ignorance with hermeneutics and textual studies. Should have paid a bit more attention at Bible college. Come on, we've been through these issues before. Owning a Bible does not make me a Christian. My encounter with Christ thirty three years ago and daily walk since makes me Christ's. What the Bible does is show me what God has done and said and how that applies to me here and now in my little life but also how that fits into the bigger salvific and eschatological picture.

You challenge us to think and you are right to do so but if as I question I am continually led back to the veracity and reliability of Scripture, why is that then wrong? I enjoy the licence God has given me but I am aware that we can so easily slip into licentiousness and abandonment rather than remain in grace."