The Science behind the Flood:

"New evidence shows that the earth has experienced a devastating, worldwide flood, whose waters violently burst forth from under earth’s crust. Standard “textbook” explanations for many of earth’s major features are scientifically flawed. We can now explain, using well-understood phenomena, how this cataclysmic event rapidly formed so many features. These and other mysteries... are best explained by an earthshaking event, far more catastrophic than almost anyone has imagined...

  • The Grand Canyon (pages 207–240)
  • Mid-Oceanic Ridge Earth’s Major Components Oceanic Trenches, Earthquakes, and the Ring of Fire (pages 153–189
  • Magnetic Variations on the Ocean Floor Submarine Canyons Coal and Oil Methane Hydrates Ice Age Major Mountain Ranges Frozen Mammoths (pages 257–287
  • Overthrusts Volcanoes and Lava Geothermal Heat Strata and Layered Fossils (pages 191–204)
  • Limestone (pages 249–254)
  • Metamorphic Rock Plateaus The Moho and Black Smokers Salt Domes Jigsaw Fit of the Continents Changing Axis Tilt Comets (pages 291–325)
  • Asteroids, Meteoroids and TNOs (pages 327–360)
  • Earth’s Radioactivity (pages 367–416)

Each appears to be a consequence of a sudden, unrepeatable event—a global flood whose waters erupted from interconnected, worldwide subterranean chambers with an energy release exceeding the explosion of trillions of hydrogen bombs. The hydroplate theory, explained later in this chapter, will resolve all these mysteries. But first, what is a hydroplate? Before the global flood, considerable water was under earth’s crust. Pressure increases in this subterranean water (which will soon be explained) ruptured that crust, breaking it into plates. The escaping water flooded the earth. Because hydro means water, those crustal plates will be called hydroplates. Where they broke, how they moved, and hundreds of other details and evidence—all consistent with the laws of physics—constitute the hydroplate theory and explain earth’s major features."