There are and have been many in the Church who erroneously teach that the Church has replaced and is Israel. It is asserted that God abandoned the nation of Israel and applied all promises and prophecies to the Church. For those who believe this, promises to the land of Israel and future promises of a restored kingdom of Israel no longer apply.
Therefore people who hold this view tend to be very hostile to the present state of Israel and tend to present an eschatology very different to the plain reading of the Bible. So what do we find in the Bible about Israel? The videos below present the argument that God has always had a faithful remnant in Israel and that while the remnant exists so does the nation. During the years when Israel and Judah were in apostasy there was a remnant of faithful Israel. The faithful remnant focussed upon one man, Jesus the Messiah, who fulfilled all that Israel was called to be and do. The nation rejected their Messiah but a faithful remnant of Israel remained in the form of the early Jewish believers. To these were added many among the Jewish Diaspora (those living outside Israel) and believing Gentiles became sharers in the New Covenant with faithful Israel. Down through the centuries and in spite of much antisemitism there has been within the church a very small number of those whom Paul refers to in Galatians 6:16 as 'the Israel of God' and while the remnant remains God will not abandon unbelieving Israel. He is returning them to his land. He will judge them there. The 'Last Days' remnant will repent as a nation and he will restore the kingdom to Israel and Jesus will reign over Israel and the Earth as King of the Jews.