The Bible teaches that God created everything over a period of days in the not too distant past. Many voices would challenge this - 'evolution is a fact', 'millions of years', 'gradual development', 'natural processes'.
Those accepting the Bible's version of origins are thought to be fools, deluded, uninformed, intellectually blinded by faith. The all-pervading influence of evolutionary thinking has even affected many Christians who think that it is fine to believe in God while accepting evolution. Terms are used such as 'theistic evolution', 'progressive creation' and the like.
Just as our destiny is important, so is our origin. What is the evidence?
Many accept the theory that all things evolved slowly and uniformally over a long period of time and the evidence is said to be found in the Earth itself. There is no doubt that the Earth contains much evidence of past events but would can we conclude from the evidence? Walt Brown and others posit a world-wide flood, as mentioned in the Bible and in many other traditions across the world. Examine the evidence and conclusion for yourself:
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